Month: August 2022

Environmental Toxins

The price humanity is paying for all modern conveniences is in the form of toxicity that pervades every aspect of life. From food, air, soil, water down to each cell of the human body. The dawn of the industrial age and scientific advances laid the foundation for cheaper food production, mass manufacturing of goods like plastic, replacement of traditional farming practises with the ‘modern agriculture’ involving generous use of insecticides and fertilisers and burning of fossil fuels to enable all these processes.

Depression in Children

Most parents are in denial of this condition and are obviously reluctant to put their children on conventional ‘antidepressant’ medication owing to the equally painful side effects. It is in these circumstances that one should look at unconventional modalities to resolve the situation. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Emotional Trauma

Conventional medical system does not accept that emotional trauma or disturbance can produce physical disease; neither are emotional disturbances considered a part of overall pathology. On the other hand, a holistic homeopathic analysis of any case involves a detailed investigation of a person’s life events, emotional balance, interpersonal relationships and stress factors to see their link to physical symptoms.