Depression in Children

All children go through periods of being unhappy or sad. But this passes quite easily and the child emerges out of it. However, if this ‘low’ feeling persists and the child seems listless, uninterested in things they used to like and enjoy, or feel unable to cope with situations and feel hopeless, they may be suffering from depression.

Some behaviors that indicate depression in children are:

  • Being sad, uninterested and/or irritable quite often.
  • Not enjoying the activities formerly liked. 
  • A change in appetite and eating pattern. Eating much more or less than usual. 
  • A change in sleeping routine, quality or duration of sleep.
  • Being unusually lethargic or tired.
  • Losing focus, seeming to be lost. 
  • Feelings of guilt or being not good enough.
  • Displaying self-harming behavior.
  • Not sharing their feelings and being unusually quiet. 
  • Acting in an unusually misbehaved way (this is to hide the feelings of sadness)

Depression in children can manifest in a variety of physical symptoms as well. Some common ones are:

  • Weight loss
  • Lack of stamina and weakness
  • Looking ‘unfresh’ and ‘dull’
  • Often falling ill since it influences the immune function

Most parents are in denial of this condition and are obviously reluctant to put their children on conventional ‘antidepressant’ medication owing to the equally painful side effects. It is in these circumstances that one should look at unconventional modalities to resolve the situation. 

The KIDS Program in collaboration with PhiloLife Therapies addresses the core issues which lead to depression and gentle homeopathic remedies are employed to treat it avoiding the use of chemical medications. 

This treatment approach can be summarized in 3 words.

Know —-> Heal—->Evolve

Step 1: KNOW (Diagnosis)

Using Homeopathic and PhiloLife Analysis, the first step is to know what needs to be treated or changed. This analysis reveals the following about the child:  

  1. The child’s unique personality type, body type, sensitivities and associated factors involved in causing this disorder.
  2. The current health status based on an analysis of genetic history, birth history, medical history, laboratory tests and evaluation by various holistic experts(if needed)
  3. A detailed analysis of the family dynamic, interpersonal relationships and adjustment issues that might be contributing to depression.
  4. All therapies, interventions and changes needed to heal and restore normal functioning naturally.

Step 2: HEAL (Treatment)

  1. One or more of the appropriate natural therapies are employed from The KIDS Protocol and PhiloLife therapies, to treat the problem and its core causes.
  2. Periodic assessments are done to ensure progress and permanency of healing.                                                         

Step 3: EVOLVE (Prevention and Health Improvement)

Counseling for forming healthier relationships, habits and lifestyle choices are offered by PhiloLife therapies with a special emphasis on parental education.

To make a booking or further information on The KIDS Protocol or PhiloLife Therapies, please click here.

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