Injuries and Chronic Injury Pains

One way of looking at pain is to see it as a signal by the body to stop us from activities and movements that might be harmful or cause further injury. By taking a “painkiller” we not only put pressure on our stomach and liver to process the chemical, but in the absence of the pain sensation, we also continue to make movements that cause further injury to the affected part. Managing pain using chemical substances is not a sustainable treatment option.

Under the STEPS Program©, treating injuries is achieved by stimulating the body to repair the injury and release natural painkillers as opposed to using chemical anti-inflammatories or immunosuppressants to manage pain. This approach is a great example of how different the holistic healing approach is to the Western biomedical approach in dealing with a health condition.

Common Injuries and Related Complaints Treated Under the STEPS Program©:

  1. Backache
  2. Bone injuries
  3. Bruise injuries
  4. Chronic headaches after injury
  5. Dizziness after head or spinal injury
  6. Eye injuries
  7. Heel pain
  8. Joint sprains
  9. Knee pain
  10. Memory loss after injury
  11. Muscle cramps
  12. Neck pain
  13. Nerve Injuries
  14. Post workout soreness
  15. Shoulder pain
  16. Weak or lame ankles after a sprain
  17. Wrist injury due to typing/ wrist pain
  18. Tennis elbow
  19. Trigger finger

Treatment of injuries and related pains with the STEPS Program©:

  • A combination of homeopathy, holistic physiotherapy and reflexology is used to stimulate the body to repair and heal the injury.
  • The person is taken off chemical medications as soon as practically possible, preventing long term side-effects.
  • Measures are suggested to prevent the injury from recurring if related to daily activities or posture.
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