Dr. Javed Hingora

With over 26 years of experience, Dr Javed Hingora is one of the pioneering leaders in the field of homeopathy in the Middle East. After his medical education in India, he had the opportunity to study under the Alternative Nobel Prize winner George Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece for 4 years. He attends to clients from more than 120 countries that includes renowned celebrities and members of various Royal families across the region. He has a keen interest in photography, motorbiking, adventure travel and hobby aviation holding a private pilot’s license from the USA. You can see his life experiences on www.clickedmoment.com

Dr Javed Hingora’s story in his words:

Why I became a homeopath:
My somewhat complicated birth was the reason my father, a conventional medical doctor at the time, was introduced to homeopathy. My mother, after delivering me (a hefty 10 pound baby) through C-section, developed septicemia, an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection that spread throughout her body. She lay comatose after losing half her body weight after forty days with a relentless fever that did not respond to any treatment.

The situation was grim, and reached a point where my father agreed to a suggestion by a family friend to ‘try’ homeopathy. Soon after, my mother was visited by a frail man in his 80’s, himself bound to a wheelchair. After asking a series of seemingly irrelevant questions about my mother’s symptoms and her personality, he handed over a few small sugar pills to my father with instructions they be dissolved in some water and given to her only once.

The man proclaimed that if there is still some ‘life’ left in her, she might make it through, but also advised to be prepared for the worst. For she may not survive. To everyone’s astonishment, before the sun came up, she feebly uttered her first words in a month. “I am hungry…!” And it was not a delirious mutter. She never looked back and went on to recover fully within days of this treatment, and regained all her lost weight in a few months.

The incident shook my father’s professional beliefs. He began studying homeopathy and the processes of natural healing, eventually practicing homeopathy exclusively by the time I was 4. My mother is a living testimony to the ability and power our body has to heal itself. Something the world undervalues in favor of scientifically proven chemical drugs. (And if this was a placebo effect, all hospitals need to have a ‘placebo department!)

I grew up assisting my father in his clinic, seeing hundreds of patients express their gratitude and witnessing the contentment that only comes with true healing. I studied medicine in India and was later honored to have been taught personally by Professor George Vithoulkas on the beautiful island of Alonissos in Greece.

During my practice in Mumbai, India, I was invited to the UAE by Emirati families, who I treated on their visits to India. Although homeopathy was essentially non-existent in the UAE when I first visited here, the extraordinary healing stories brought in a flood of patients and I decided to move to Dubai in 2003. In 2005, I founded Dubai Homeopathy Health Center, the first homeopathy and holistic clinic in the Middle East; with an adventurous spirit and a lofty goal to offer homeopathy as a mainstream treatment option in the region.

Homeopathy rapidly gained popularity among the local Emirati population, fueled by recommendations from Indian and European expats who were already familiar with its benefits. And the demand for homeopathic treatment along with the recommendations have continued to grow.

Dubai Homeopathy Health Centre is now a hub of classical homeopathic treatment catering to patients in person and online from across the world.