Health-O-Meter© Analysis

Health-O-Meter© is a comprehensive analytical tool that evaluates the health of an individual on physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. This analysis takes into account the effects of physical stimuli, diet, quality of sleep, emotions, relationships, stress factors and deficiencies and genetic background on health.

To truly heal, one must first know oneself, and all that causes one’s disease. For, it is only after true healing that one evolves to their full potential.

Dr Javed Hingora

Founder of the STEPS Program© and The KIDS Protocol©

It often enables identifying the real causes behind health issues where conventional diagnostic tools fail. It enables knowing oneself and one’s health status in the most in-depth manner. It identifies crucial areas of life that need improving or support. Holistic experts from various fields come together to analyze a person, generating a master Health-O-Meter© report.

How is Health-O-Meter© different from a regular health checkup?


    • Role played by emotions and stress given primary importance in evaluating health status
    • Lifestyle factors are evaluated in depth since they play a significant role in creating a disease condition.
    • Aim of diagnosis is to understand and improve all aspects of a person’s health.
    • Health-O-Meter© report enables implementing preventive measures to be determined even before a diagnosable disease appears.
    • Helps you to know your mind and body better.
    • Promotes healthier habits.
    • Health goals are set making you take charge of improving yourself and your health.

Conventional Health Checkup

    • No importance or evaluation done to assess the role played by emotions or Stress. Only physical parameters measured to look for disease or abnormal values.
    • Aim of diagnosis is to find a disease condition name.
    • This method does not provide any information unless disease has progressed to a measurable degree.
    • Has no bearing on self awareness except about having a diagnosis label.
    • Promotes taking more pills for managing abnormal check up results.
    • Disease labels are assigned making you dependent on medication.

Conventional ‘health checkups’ can only identify an abnormality if the health imbalance has progressed beyond a certain limit and becomes measurable. Also the focus is only on physical parameters like blood tests and radiological imaging that often fail to identify crucial factors involved in disease causation. These include lifestyle factors, emotional disturbances, poor quality of sleep, dietary errors, nutritional deficiencies etc. This often leads to delayed or a false diagnosis while the patient continues to suffer with debilitating symptoms.


The following analytical tools are used to generate a Health-O-Meter© report:

  • Identifying the suitable homeopathic remedy group.
  • Identifying disease predispositions.
  • Homeopathic genetic background analysis.
  • General health status score.
  • Emotional trigger factors.
  • Personality trait pattern analysis.
  • Analysis of personality and emotional coping mechanisms.
  • Identifying self-limiting core beliefs.
  • Identifying emotional mismanagement.
  • Identifying toxic relationships and their influence on health.
  • Identifying individual values and strengths.
  • Assessing cognitive judgment of life satisfaction.
  • Assessing emotional intelligence.
  • Energy Flow Analysis: (Assessment of energy balance of the body using Chakra analysis)
  • Effect of emotional stress on the musculoskeletal system.
  • Structural imbalances in the physical body like muscular weakness, spinal misalignment, distortion of feet, knees or hips etc.
  • Posture analysis identifying wrong posture habits and weak areas.
  • An analysis of your relationship to food, eating habits and diet.
    This provides valuable insight into changes that you need to make to your eating pattern and diet, helping your body heal and function optimally.

    (Along with routine diagnostic tests done with any regular health check up, we look for clues from the following additional tests that are conventionally not used)

  • Using a blood sample:
  • Heavy metal toxicity.
    Food intolerances and allergies.
    Vitamins and minerals levels in the body.

  • Using a hair sample:
  • Hair mineral analysis.

  • Using a stool sample:
  • Stool analysis of the gut microbiome.

    These lab tests provide information about the diagnosis, physiological functioning, toxicity, prognosis and current health status of the body and determine if any urgent action needs to be taken. These are also used to measure treatment progress.

    (Applicable in cases where memory, concentration or ability to learn is affected) An assessment of mental capabilities using psychometric tests conducted by a clinical psychologist shed light on areas of mental functioning that need improvement. It is an area largely ignored in conventional medical treatment although it impacts many aspects of day to day functioning and efficiency.

  • An analysis of all medications/supplements, their interaction with each other and on the bodily functions.
  • Addictions and toxic habits.
  • Day to day products and their suitability: (Like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, lipstick, face creams, anti aging products, sunscreen etc.)
  • This provides valuable information about the ‘hidden’ triggers behind many symptoms and health imbalances.

    What does the Health-O-Meter© report tell you about your health?

    To put it simply!? Everything you need to know! Not only does it consider the physical body, but also the often ignored effects of emotions and feelings on physical health and lifestyle factors. This report would be your roadmap to better health.

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