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(Kids Immunity and Development Support) Program©

The more natural way to raise healthy kids.

Teenagers: 13 to 19 Year olds


The best gift you can give your teen is that of good health. It is in your hands to choose how you support your teen’s health and development. Good health begins with a strong foundation early in life. These developing years decide the fate of your teen’s physical, emotional, personality and mental development and it is during this time that you need to be proactive in providing the most appropriate environment and interventions aligned with nature.

Founder and Medical Director,
Creator of the STEPS Program and the KIDS Program

Newborns and infants: (birth to 1 year old)

Congratulations on having this wonderful bundle of joy and welcome to the world of natural healing. By learning more about natural ways of managing your child’s health issues, you would have much better health yourself and avoid unnecessary sleepless nights and worries.

Newborns and infants: (birth to 1 year old)

Common conditions treated under the KIDS Program:

The KIDS Program approach can be summarized in 3 words:

Know. Heal. Evolve.