Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Emotional Trauma

Conventional medical system does not accept that emotional trauma or disturbance can produce physical disease; neither are emotional disturbances considered a part of overall pathology. On the other hand, a holistic homeopathic analysis of any case involves a detailed investigation of a person’s life events, emotional balance, interpersonal relationships and stress factors to see their link to physical symptoms.

There is almost always an emotional disturbance behind all physical health imbalances.

Emotional trauma or disturbance can be either acute and strong, like death of a loved one, or a persistent low level over many years, like being bullied in the workplace.

Homeopathy offers very specific treatment for all kinds of traumas and emotional disturbances.

Common emotional disturbances, traumas and triggers treated with the STEPS Program are:

  • Bad news
  • Being cheated
  • Birth trauma
  • Break up of a friendship
  • Break up of a relationship
  • Business failure
  • Disagreements and quarrels
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Homesickness
  • Insults
  • Job loss
  • Legal disputes
  • Relocation to another country
  • Separation from a loved one
  • Shock
  • Unexpressed anger

Treatment under the STEPS Program in collaboration with PhiloLife Therapies:

The STEPS Program approach to treating sleep disorders can be summarized in 3 words:                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Know —-> Heal—-> Evolve

Step 1: KNOW (Diagnosis)

Using the Health-O-Meter Analysis, the first step is to know what needs to be treated or changed. This analysis reveals the following about the person:

  1. Analysis of the circumstances that caused trauma or emotional disturbance, combined with an analysis of the person’s unique personality type and their response to the event.
  2. The current health status based on an analysis of genetic history, birth history, medical history, laboratory tests and evaluation by various holistic experts.      
  3. Lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, exercise, toxins that contribute to the condition.
  4. Determining all therapies, interventions and changes needed to heal and restore normal functioning naturally.

Step 2: HEAL (Treatment)

  1. One or more of the appropriate natural therapies are employed from the STEPS Program and PhiloLife therapies, to treat the problem and its core causes. The most common therapies used are Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Energy Healing.
  2. Periodic assessments are done to ensure progress and permanency of healing. 

Step 3: EVOLVE (Prevention and Health Improvement)

 Resources for forming healthy habits and lifestyle choices are offered in collaboration with Philolife therapies.

For more information about the STEPS Program, please click here.

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