Annett Terlinden

Speech and Language Therapist

Annett is a certified Speech and Language Therapist since 2001 and has been dedicated to helping children and adults recover and improve their communication skills. 

She is a  graduate of Duesseldorfer Akademie for Speech and Language Therapy in Duesseldorf/Germany, which she joined in 1998 for a three-year postgraduate training to become a state approved Speech and Language Therapist. 

Annett has always been interested in teaching as well and strives to combine it in her career. In 2003 she started teaching pedagogics and paediatric speech therapy at Duesseldorfer Akademie/Germany wherein she grew into the position of deputy headmaster organising the examination of future therapists, in cooperation with the German Health Authority. 

In 2007, Annett came to Dubai, obtained a licence from Dubai Health Authority, and found a place at Dubai Homeopathy Health Centre. Since then, she has been providing Speech and Language Therapy in both English and German. Her work includes assessments, one to one therapy sessions for children and adults, counselling for parents and caregivers, group sessions for children to improve social communication skills and talks in nurseries and schools.

She loves to work in close cooperation with her colleagues and benefit from their knowledge and experience in the field of occupational therapy, homeopathy and physiotherapy.

She is dedicated to supporting parents, nannies, and teachers with their task to raise and educate children, knowing that successful communication is one of the keys to healthy upbringing.