Dr. Joelle Samaha

PhiloLife Founder & PhiloLife Coach

Joelle holds a PhD in Philosophy of Health and Wellbeing with Honors. Passionate about research in the field of health and wellbeing for the last 10 years, she focuses on the relation between mental/emotional health and physical diseases with an aim to spread awareness about the importance of prevention of diseases through holistic healthcare and emotional care. She believes that harmony between the soul, mind and body is the key to ultimate wellness and happiness. Therefore, attaining this balance should be an important goal for every individual regardless of their age.

She is passionate about the integration of practical philosophy teachings in schools starting from primary years, and has been working on this project for the last 5 years. The project aims at teaching “life skills” through ancient and modern philosophy.

Additionally, Joelle is the founder of PhiloLife Wellbeing Education Center and PhiloLife Educational Therapeutic Program, focusing on the combination of philosophy teachings and coaching.

Joelle is holder of a certificate in counselling skills from University of Derby, UK. She is a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Theta healing practitioner, Laughter Yoga practitioner and Reiki Level 1 practitioner.

Joelle has more than 10 years of experience as a Life Coach and is the founder of PhiloLife coaching which is based on combining philosophy teachings and life coaching. She speaks, reads and writes fluent English, Arabic and French. She conducts workshops and coaching sessions in any of these 3 languages.

Highly motivated with 15+ years of experience in teaching at universities and schools in Lebanon and UAE, she holds a teaching Diploma in philosophy. She was an Assistant Professor at the American University in the Emirates before deciding to dedicate all her time to her wellbeing center. She is known as an enthusiastic and committed teacher with a natural ability to inspire and motivate teenagers and university students.

Furthermore, Joelle is a member of Dubai Businesswoman Council. Her dream is to contribute towards making the world a healthier and hence a happier place. Inspired by her own life struggles and her father’s journey with cancer, Joelle believes that with adequate love, support and education, any person can achieve dramatic transformations in their health and wellbeing to enjoy their life journey and discover its true beauty. She hopes to offer this guidance with all her capacities.